Moxee Growth

Moxee is experiencing significant residential housing growth unlike most communities ever see – from 800 people in 2010 to over 4,000 people in 2019.  Community leaders have embraced this growth and economic boost it provides, but they are also aware of the implications on infrastructure and planning.

Guided by a desire to provide excellent service, while being budget conscious and good stewards of the public’s money, the City has accomplished much in the last several years, including:

  • Morrier Lane Improvements – SR 24 Intersection, Roadway, Utilities
  • Seattle Avenue Sidewalk Improvements
  • Iler Street Sidewalk Improvements
  • Holly Drive and Clover Place Resurfacing
  • Well No. 1 and Well No. 2 Pump Replacement
  • Source water Disinfection and Storage Improvements
  • Iron and Manganese Filtration Equipment

Future Projects

However, Moxee does not want to rest on its past successes.  City Council and Staff identified the following issues (in no particular order) as being important to the future of the community.

  • Replacement of failed Well No. 2 – this work must be completed by June 2020 to meet peak system demands.
  • Ensuring adequate wastewater disposal capacity is available
  • Developing equitable sewer rates that consider higher strength wastes.
  • Completing the northerly extension of Morrier Lane (Phase 2) connecting Mieras Road.
  • Accommodating expected light industrial growth within the SR 24 corridor.
  • Completing the Intersection Control Analysis (ICA) Roundabout Study on SR 24.
  • Addressing irrigation needs within the City to reduce the demand on the potable water supply.